Rethinking Networks for the Age of Digital Transformation

February 6, 2024

In today’s interconnected, data-driven world, networks are critical for businesses to thrive. Yet, traditional network architectures, characterised by rigidity and inflexibility, find it challenging to match the requirements imposed by emerging technologies and the relentless pace of digital transformation endeavours.

On 31st January 2024, at HPE Aruba Networking Atmosphere Singapore, Mr. Navin Bhatnagar, Y3’s CEO, joined by Mr. Carlos Gómez Gallego, CTO APJ Region at HPE Aruba Networking, Mr. Mung Hou Yan, Head of Group Technology at CapitaLand Investment, and Mr. Sander Veraar, Vice President of Strategic Services and Head of Enterprise Product at StarHub Ltd, alongside Mr. Ramakrishna Purushotaman, Advisor at QED Consulting serving as the moderator, engaged in a discussion on navigating the challenges of the VUCA world. The conversation emphasised the imperative for enterprises to embrace a strategy of network modernisation, leveraging the transformative potential of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and edge computing. Through modernising their network capabilities, enterprises can accelerate innovation, respond to market dynamics more effectively, and ensure the secure delivery of exceptional user experiences.

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