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Supply Chain Suite

In today’s dynamic landscape, marked by continually evolving business models and escalating operational costs, the imperative to optimise your supply chain becomes the answer to sustainable business competitiveness.

The question remains: how can businesses guarantee that their supply chain operates at peak efficiency? The answer lies in Y3 Technologies, where we usher in a new era of supply chain analytics solutions, primed to infuse intelligence into your supply chain operations.

E-Commerce Suite

Welcome to Y3 Order Management System (OMS4) — the ultimate answer to all your e-commerce needs. Step into the world of OMS4, your ultimate destination for all things e-commerce.

OMS4 is the revolutionary force that redefines the landscape of digital commerce, be it in the realm of social commerce or omni-channel commerce. It is the order management system that stands at the forefront of e-commerce order management, enabling seamless multi-channel order management and adaptive order fulfilment.

OMS4 is the linchpin of retail supply chain excellence, presenting a unified platform that simplifies the complexities of managing sales channels, orders, products, and inventories across all marketplaces.

Data Analytics Suite

At Y3 Technologies, we recognise that data forms the very core of well-informed decision-making.

That is precisely why we have meticulously crafted the Y3 Data Analytics Suite – a formidable array of tools meticulously designed to metamorphose unprocessed data into actionable insights. Our suite spans a spectrum of pivotal domains, ensuring that your enterprise operates optimally.

Leveraging industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning, our suite employs prescriptive analytics to provide end-to-end (E2E) visibility, enhancing both operational performance and financial metrics.


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