Skills-based Hiring Movement and Employers' Pledge

November 29, 2023

Y3 Technologies is among the pioneer organisations in Singapore, that have pledged skills-based hiring.

Mr Navin Bhatnagar (CEO), who pledged on behalf of Y3, said, “In today’s dynamic business landscape, success is driven not just by resumes, but by the unique skill sets individuals bring to the table. Embracing the skills-based hiring movement isn’t just a trend; it’s a strategic imperative. At Y3, we believe in unlocking potential through skills and valuing the capabilities that drive innovation, collaboration, and adaptability. By prioritising skills over traditional credentials, we build a stronger team and pave the way for a future where talent is recognised and rewarded based on what they can do, not just what’s on paper.”

More than 100 companies including GovTech Singapore and YCH Group have joined this movement for skills-based hiring by pledging their support and demonstrating their commitment by attracting, assessing, and developing tech talent based on competencies rather than academic qualifications or job history.

The launch event was supported by IMDASingapore Computer Society (Sam Liew) and SGTech ( Wong Wai Meng ) with SMS Kiat How Tan as the GOH.

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