Explore The Best Features of Order Management System 4

May 8, 2024

In today’s ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, companies are always looking for new ways to streamline operations, cut costs and enhance customer experience. Y3 OMS4 is the next-generation order management system that is revolutionising the landscape of e-commerce management. OMS4 offers businesses a diverse range of features to improve and facilitate their daily sales operations giving them a significant competitive edge.

Centralised Channel Management

At the core of OMS4 is its capability to centralise channel management, enabling businesses to integrate simultaneously with any online marketplace and e-commerce system on a single platform. Businesses no longer have to manage multiple commerce sites individually – Y3 OMS4 is the all-in-one commerce platform for their daily sales operations.

Be it Shopee, Lazada, Shopify, or a custom-made e-commerce website, Y3 OMS4 simplifies the process, ensuring businesses can manage their sales channels seamlessly from a single interface.

Sales Performance Insights

Y3 OMS4 can provide you with insightful data visualization, which accompanies a variety of reports and charts depicting.

  • Product popularity: Find out what sells and what lies on the shelves, optimise inventory and procurement strategy.
  • Inventory performance: Monitor real-time stock levels in all your locations to mitigate overselling and stockout risks.
  • Order analysis: Discover the average time it takes to process orders, pinpoint history, and optimise your fulfilment for fast delivery.

Insights are the fuel of business decisions in a data-driven world. Y3 OMS4 offers businesses over a hundred sales performance insights about past performance and trends in a versatile set of charts and reports on product, inventory, order, cost, and revenue. Y3 OMS4 allows firms to make data-driven decisions by understanding their sales trends, predicting future sales trends, determining their best-performing products, and making well-informed, accurate choices on the amount of inventory to keep in their warehouse.

End-to-End Visibility

Real-time access to order tracking visibility from any channel and partner is critical to providing a secure customer experience. With order management system 4, we have excellent end-to-end visibility in real-time to monitor order tracking from order creation to order delivery. View order status and track shipment notifications, providing visibility and accountability for the entire fulfilment process.

Order Distribution

order management system

Efficient order distribution is critical for optimizing order fulfilment and minimizing shipping costs. Y3 OMS4 streamlines the order distribution process by automatically assigning order items to different fulfilment points based on pre-defined rules. Whether it’s warehouse locations, distribution centres, or drop-shippers, Y3 OMS4 ensures that orders are routed to the most suitable fulfilment points, optimizing efficiency and reducing fulfilment times.


Unified Order Processing

Businesses consolidate orders received from several e-marketplaces, such as Shopee, Lazada, or Shopify using a single order process therefore eliminating multiple processes and systems. This makes the unified single-order process approach simple, reduces complexity, and improves implementation and execution for businesses of all sizes.

Warehousing & Delivery Integration

Efficient order fulfilment requires seamless integration with warehousing and delivery partners. OMS4 provides an open ecosystem for seamless warehousing and delivery integration, allowing businesses to collaborate with partners and streamline the entire order fulfilment process. Whether it’s integrating with third-party logistics providers, warehouses, or delivery partners, order management system 4 ensures that orders are processed, picked, packed, and shipped with precision and speed.

Beyond the Features: The Y3 Difference

Y3 OMS4 isn’t just an order management system – it’s your strategic ally in the e-commerce world. With its rich functionality, data-centric insights, and dedication to seamless integration, Y3 enables you to:

  • Streamline operations: Simplify order management across multiple channels.
  • Optimize inventory: Make informed decisions based on real-time data.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction: Provide transparent order tracking and faster delivery.
  • Scale your business: Adapt and grow with a flexible and future-proof system.

Y3 OMS4 is the one-stop solution for e-commerce management, enabling businesses to optimize their daily sales operations, garner more insights, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Y3 OMS4’s centralized channel management, insights into sales performance, full-faceted visibility, order fulfilment, unified order management, and warehouse and delivery integration are leading the way in e-commerce business management. Whether you’re a start-up e-commerce store or a Fortune 500 company, Y3’s OMS4 delivers everything you need to thrive in today’s e-commerce marketplace.

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