Y3 visited Huawei HQ ICT Exhibition Hall

November 28, 2019

Nicholas Ma (马建华)- CEO, Huawei International (4th from the left), Dr Robert Yap – Executive Chairman, YCH Group (5th from the left), Ryan Yap – Head of Growth, YCH Group (6th from the left), Dr Yap Chih Nam – AGM, Y3 Technologies (7th from the left)


Leading supply chain and logistics software company, Y3 Technologies, is honoured to be invited by Nicholas Ma, 马建华 (CEO, Huawei International) to Huawei HQ’s New ICT Exhibition Hall on 19 November 2019 to explore leveraging on their innovative technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing to build an efficient logistics ecosystem to empower our business partners to better compete in tomorrow’s market.

Our collaboration with Zheng Yelai (郑叶来) (President, Huawei Cloud BU) and his team at Huawei will empower Y3 Technologies to meet the fast evolving demands of the supply chain and logistics sector. We look forward to strengthening our budding partnership with Huawei by participating in their tech ecosystem such as the newly launch AI lab in Singapore.


For Enquiries:

Please email your enquiries to info@y3technologies.com if you wish to explore how we could co-create to transform your supply chain or logistics to improve your supply chain profitability, productivity, visibility, scalability and relevance to be better compete in tomorrow’s market.

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